The Making of A Man

In Genesis 1:26, God said, “Let us make man.” There are many opinions on who God was speaking to. We must determine the following: Is the Holy Spirit necessary in the making of a man? Is the making of a man as defined by the scholars of Funk & Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary possible, or are we destined by definition to be animals: Biblical term beastly? The answers may surprise you; let us reason and think and look very close to formulate a conclusion looking at the results history now affords us. Biblical principles aside, most would agree man has the ability to apply the wisdom needed from the knowledge gained in his own little world; or does he?

Although as a society we have chosen to throw the making of a man to the wind and a willingness to allow many to just fall by the wayside, ignoring and changing the actual definition. Can we now individually change our direction and set standards back in society?

Can we attain the biblical understanding of a real man? Let us take a close look at a couple of men, one being this man called Jesus who was said to have been a perfect man. Although his devotion and attentiveness as a man to deity was his focus, making it difficult to separate the two, it is his methods and actions, his character and integrity, his moral standards and judgments we will examine. Our hope is to separate the man from his spiritual philosophy, which is the inquiry into the most comprehensive principles of reality! To do just that, and gain the principles, morals and character that defines the man. Our focus will be on the man from the standpoint of a man, as defined by man.

Our hope is to shed some light!

--Michael Norman