The Men of Genesis

With so much going on in today’s world, there is no greater time than now for preteens and young adults to learn, perhaps for the first time or maybe just to be reminded of, the stories that graced the pages of the book of Genesis. The Men of Genesis brings the young reader into the lives of the men whose faith in the Lord sustained them through various, some unimaginable, hardships. These were men who believed in God, desired to obey His commands, sacrificed much but did so for His glory, not for the satisfaction of or acceptance by their fellow humans. Much can be learned from them. The Men of Genesis was written for young readers to get acquainted with God’s handiwork in the first six days of earth’s creation. They will read about God’s blessings bestowed on a man named Noah who believed in and obeyed God. And it was that—his faith—that saved him and his family. Following Noah are the stories of Abraham and God’s covenant with him, Abraham’s son Isaac and his wife Rebecca and their struggles with favoritism, the differences that went on between brothers Jacob and Esau, and the beautiful story of Joseph who successfully overcame the betrayal of his brothers nearly two thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ who would also victoriously overcome the betrayal of His own people. As the reader turns the pages, he or she will be reminded of God’s immense love for His people—His desire to have a relationship with those who truly seek Him, yesterday and today. The Men of Genesis is a book that details the strength and perseverance of our ancestors and provides the first glimpse of a truly loving God.

--Alda Stephens