The Miracle Of Tested Love : The Lordís Gift of Alzheimerís

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimerís is your final and most important

responsibility and you donít want to ruin, disrespect, or even unintentionally

destroy the memories and opportunities. Cherish this time for it will never be

repeated except in the vast expanses of your memory. Hold on to those memories

as though letting go might mean certain death. Recalling the memories will bring

tears and sadness but in time, they will reappear as treasures of the heart that will

comfort you with untold warmth and love.

This book is for those on the care-giving path who welcome insight on how to make

the journey less painful and less difficult. On these pages I share my unedited,

heartfelt concerns and challenges along with thoughts and fears that are rarely

exposed and addressed much less spoken.

This book is for those who are attempting to prepare for such a journey or to assist

someone who will be traveling this path in the future. After traveling this journey

unaided, I realize the importance of cultivating a relationship with someone who

has been through this situation and can thoughtfully and honestly share the

feelings, ideas and responses of a caregiver and the primary victim.

This book is for those who have taken care of loved ones with Alzheimerís and

wonder if they did all that they could or made the right decisions. Because

challenges, responses, and situations change continually, there is little immediate

time for dissecting decisions in the hopes of understanding them and formulating

well thought out responses not based on emotions alone.

This book is for those who have already lost a loved one and need to constructively

handle this grief and move on. May He bless your path and give you peace.

May you find some insight in these pages that

are overflowing with my heartache and grief,

guilt, self-reproach and helplessness.

In spite of my unfathomable emotional

response to losing my Mother, He blessed me

with a silver lining.

And I share how you can find that also.

--Karen Ann McDaniel