The Misconception of Love

Have you ever wondered what love is supposed to look like? Have you ever truly found it? Will you ever really feel it? What if love isn’t all that you thought it was? And instead, love took hold of your heart only to dispose of it like rubbish. What then? Do you give up trying to find the love that everyone says exist and just live life with an aching heart? Since, the love you’ve experienced is the only type of love that exists for you.Would you dare to listen to another and see love from a different perspective; together? What if I told you that you’re right? That love has it’s ugly side; just like we all do. Would you only see just that? Knowing that love also has its precious side. Love is a concept that has no official concept. It is what it is; Love. We have all gone through heartbreak. But only the lucky ones have experienced true love’s kiss. You say love is this. I say love is that. But, if Love were a person, what would it say about itself? This book brings Love and Heartbreak to life. If you dare to eavesdrop on their conversation, be sure to prepare your emotions. Love and Heartbreak have plenty to say. The words that spill from their lips aren’t easy to sip. Yet, it’s medicine that equips.

--Carmela Reynoso