The Mysteries of the Tea Rock Garden

It is a bright sunny day in July. Fairies are flying in all directions around and through the Tea-Rock Garden. You can see them if you pay remarkably close attention. I am flitting around on the front porch, enjoying the slight breeze. I fluttered my wings on high speed, staying stationary right near the new lights on the baker’s porch covering.The Mysteries of the Tea-Rock Garden center around the circle of rocks and flowers east of the baker’s home. The garden circle was created many years prior to the baker living there west of the Tea-Rock Garden. In the world of reality and play, the only limitation is your imagination. The fairies of the Tea-Rock Garden display good character traits and conflict resolution.The baker is a mystery as well. She is real, and the fairies know the baker. It is a magical, wonderful place. History is valued in the Tea-Rock Garden, and remembering is a good thing. Fairies work extremely hard day and night. They do the things that no one really notices, but they would notice if they were not complete in such a quick and industrious fashion.