The North Country Chronicles: Poetry and Prose from the Granite State

The North Country ChroniclesPoetry and Prose from the Granite StateInspiration is all around us if we care to look. Life, love, nature, patriotism, and faith—the feelings they stir are here. The smell of salt air, the crash of ocean waves, a simple flower, dragonflies at twilight, love and love of country, along with faith’s questions unfold within these pages.From a simple accounting of D-Day and those who serve, to the majestic White Mountains of New Hampshire and the ghost of its granite symbol now lost, The North Country Chronicles shares the nooks and crannies, stonewalls and first loves everyone can relate to and appreciate.With a few tales of days fishing with Grampa, to the perspective of a grateful family saying goodbye to an old farm, the stories related in prose and verse here are heartfelt, honest, and timeless.So come take a walk through New England and New Hampshire, along the shoreline and around the hiking trails, with the late-night questions about life that we all experience.We hope you enjoy the journey.

--Gary A. Baribeault