The Old Back Road

The Old Back Road is a collection of original poetry written in Christian and contemporary styles. The poetry has been described as warm, heartfelt, and riveting. Passion is evident throughout the verses of each poem. Toni has the uncanny ability to fit a poem to a particular person, circumstance, or special occasion. The format of her poetry is written in a universal form that can be set to music and emanates a rhythm that can soothe, such as the pitter patter of rain on a window. Her unique writing style crosses ethnic lines and age groups and relates to one’s personal experiences and emotions. Her writings reveal her Christian faith and everyday life experiences. She is featured in the book, The Silent Journey, published by the International Poetry Society of America with the featured poem The Old Back Road; and the WMS Yearbook of the Women’s Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Grab a copy, sit back, and enjoy a calming moment!