The Ole Man in the Woods

The Ole Man in the Woods is based on how someone’s love, care, faith, trust, and belief can grow them into something giant and awesome. The ole man takes a twelve-year-old little boy on a journey of a lifetime through the most beautiful and amazing place he had ever seen in his life. The ole man shows the little boy all sorts of things that can be applied to life. In the woods, the little boy finds that family is very important to him and how much it means to have a family. Working together is the only way anyone can grow to something amazing. The ole man teaches the little boy how faith is his roots to a strong family, and belief in something greater than yourself or this world is the only way you can grow to what the ole man wants. The boy learns how important it is to keep your word. When you make a promise to someone, always keep your word. Seeing how close the trees and animals are to the ole man teaches the boy about unconditional love. The ole man’s trees and animals loved and believed in him so much that they grew into something so wonderful you would have to see it to believe it. And his love for them was so great they grew into giants. The boy learns how to look, listen, and feel from his heart and how to speak with his heart. That’s how the trees and animals talk to each other and the ole man. Living from the heart is the only way to live as the ole man teaches. Without that, your life will have no meaning. So come along on a journey of a lifetime through the eyes and heart of a twelve-year-old little boy to a place where all things are possible with the ole man in the woods.

--John Scott Arrington