The Orange and My Vow to God

The main fact of this story is the author’s experiences and efforts to gain a clear pathway to successful living on earth. His eventual failure in trying to repair his broken heart through a series of relationships is based on everything but truth and anger over circumstances above his power to control. There are some details that are left out in order to stay on the subject of the more important issues of the main character who is not him or any other of those sent to lead him to his true purpose and a better way of dealing with the matters of successful living.The pain of life is not the significant failure as some suppose but a narrowing of our path that helps us to learn not to touch the hot stove. In the lyric of a song from the seventies, “One child grows up to learn, the other child grows up to be somebody you just love to burn.”This profile shows spirit that brought the writer to the end of his darkness and into a brighter journey. For those who can see the vision of such good news, this is my testimony. But to those who have no vision of the main plot to the experience of a life-changing moment, in reading to the end, this may become one of the best reads of your life.Life is collective puzzle that involves each puzzle piece learning and sharing its intricate place and purpose. The story is true and original in the hopes that the hero will be seen by anyone who is in a dark place will become healed of the blinding lies of failure and gain the victory over defeat. Thank you for picking this story, and please share it with someone you see in need of hope and the victory of a happy life.

--Pastor G. L. Ivory