The Path of Kindness

A kindness thread weaves through this story. It disappears and appears when least expected. Its path moves in time, in places, and in society, with surprises, but always with faith and caring. The characters face challenges with hope even in dire situations. At times, our strange living earth is examined in its awesome beauty. One would be surprised by what’s lurking under the sea in the MUDD.Joe is a physician’s assistant living in New Orleans. His life is good but not good enough to reach his dreams. He’s gifted and can sense things most people cannot. His faith saves him when death is imminent.Joe’s true love is found in the jungle, but trouble is there as well. Just when his hometown, New Orleans, appears safe and comfortable for his family, he encounters greed, heartlessness, and murder. He and a nurse friend, Jenn, come across tragedy and death in an eldercare facility. They also become seconds away from their death trying to expose the crime. Espionage looms over Joe and his family. The government moves in strange ways to protect its secrets. Jenn’s terminal illness threatens her life, but Joe is instrumental in a cure with the help of the unusual family dog and a research laboratory.

--David Mueller