The People's Cry

The People’s Cry concerns all of the dark times that the people of this country are currently facing. With everything that is going on with the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the issues concerning social injustice, Black Lives Matter, and equality, voices for change are being heard throughout this country. The people of this country really don’t know who or where they can turn to for relief.

There’s no denying that this country is separated as never before. In this book, I am hoping to open the people’s eyes and hearts and to inspire and motivate them to look within themselves and see that they have the ability to bring about the changes that they are crying out for. All the people of this country and, for that matter, worldwide should come together as one people, stop being led from the outside, and start trying to live from within. God gave us the basics of life—love, honor, and respect.

It is with all of my heart that I pray that this book open your eyes and heart to realize who and where the real true power comes from—God!

--Anthony J. Smith Sr.