The Power of God in a Testimony: A Memoir of Short Stories and Testimonies

This book is written to encourage and inspire those that are facing challenges in life. Barbara is a woman that grew up in a large family, in which she is the seventh child of nine children. From the time she was born, she was faced with many different health challenges. Through all the problems she endured, she believed in her heart that it was only a test. She always believed God could do the impossible. The Power of God in a Testimony is a memoir compiled of short stories and various testimonies that consist of miraculous healings that God performed in her life and her family. In one of her lowest moments, you will see how God strengthened her to go through one of the greatest obstacles of her life.She will tell her testimony of how God healed her of stage 4 cancer three times and stage 2 cancer twice. All was done within ten years. She will also tell the miraculous healing that God performed in her parents and sibling’s life. You will see how God healed her father of a massive stroke, her mother of a compressed vertebrae, her brothers of a cardiac arrest and colon cancer, and her sisters of heart problems and cancer. You will also witness the healing of others.She will also tell of how God miraculously blessed her with jobs and opened doors, financially, for her. When it seems like doors were shut, God always provided. After all she has gone through, she is determined to hold on to God and not let her faith waiver. She has dedicated her life to God and continues to share her testimony.

--Barbara Jeanette Shephard

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