The Power of Illumination From a Godly Perspective

This manuscript is not intended by no means to talk about me, though I have been through the tribulations and had faced deaths on too many occasions to mention a few; its sole purpose is to glorify and acknowledge the omnipresence and omnipotence of the Lord Almighty, God the Father, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit of God, and also to admit that the light shines for specific reasons, though calling the Supreme Being through different names, will surely generate different results. What about the Master of Life, and there is another “entity” when he is around everything is in tune, and everyone wants to charm him.

The Master of the Universe through him things and functioning are just different; you are forced into doing something and taking actions. When the Morning Star is fully activated around you, you cannot help it or do otherwise “but shine.”

The Son of God, the Savior of the world, is truly alive and well, and he is glorious . . . if today was another day I would have expressed myself differently about him.

Dr. Wisner Joseph Philemy, MD, multicultural background, trained in the field of medicine, psychiatry to be more specific, wonders were happening in and out of the hospital and the Lord Almighty has been walking with us in a sense just like Moses or Prophet Elijah; we are yet to know our spiritual identity, though we are identified as an “angel”; random acquaintances have transformed just by being in contact with our virtues, or because we were too quick in releasing those blessings, or enlighten somebody. In most occasions, those people would shine at our expense, or nothing would change for us, and everything for them. Brain have been transformed, people have been converted into angelic types, or at least with angelic prowess. By the time you read some pages of this manuscript, you would find yourself functioning at a different horizon for the better.

This material is safe for everyone, and it is protected under the rules of law on publication. All rights reserved. Copyright. Oct. 11, 2016.

--Dr. Wisner Joseph Philemy, MD