The Prayer of 9-11

How does one forget that sunny morning in September 2001? You don’t have to be from New York to feel the effects of that vicious act on American soil that changed history. What you must have is compassion. How does God let something of this magnitude happen? Is God in control? The Prayer of 9/11 is an in-depth look at every verse pertaining to chapter 9, verse 11 from Genesis to Revelation. The answer to many of these questions are found in the Bible.The force behind this devotional is that we should remember that God is always in control and His glory can also be found in suffering. I can assure you God did not create the world and then left us. You will find in the pages of 9/11 that through his Holy Spirit, God will enlighten you to many of the mysteries of that September morning. You just need to look for it and open your heart. Never forget that morning when many of our loved ones and heroes were taken from us. Moreover, never forget that life has no meaning without the coherent harmony of divine redemption.

--Ron Mitchell

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