The Prayers of an Intercessor

There are so many wonderful books written on prayer that when the Lord told me I was to write this book, I questioned Him. I wondered what I would have to say that hasn’t been said already. However, as I began to write, I found out I had a lot to say.You see, The Prayers of an Intercessor is a book based on my experiences through prayer over years. So many times people find prayer to be a difficult thing. Many may think you have to pray some big, flamboyant prayer to be heard by God. However, you will find out by reading this book that we can all pray. In fact, we all need to pray.Prayer is not about fancy words. Prayer is simply talking to the Lord. God is the reader of the heart; He cares more that our prayers be heartfelt.It was some of the simplest prayers I prayed that I saw the greatest answers come about. I have had the honor of seeing many prayers answered over the years, and God is still answering my prayers today.