The Press (The Process with Purpose)



The Press (The Process with Purpose) is a narrative using simple imagery to reach absolute truth. While having an elementary undertone, the message conveyed is significant. It begins with an illustration of a “grape” in a vineyard chosen to take a journey. After surviving many transitions in life, it surmised that it had reached its pinnacle. 

At its happiest moment, (the grape) is thrown into the “winepress.” Without a full understanding of the Keeper’s plan, it categorizes its treatment as cruel punishment. Upon receiving assurance that “the process” is not meant to kill, but to build, not to break, but to make, it finally accepts that “this process” has a purpose!

The process involves pulling, pushing, pruning, plucking, and pressing so we can be God’s masterpiece, bearing much fruit and fulfilling His will! 

An excerpt from The Press (The Process with Purpose):

No matter how hard ‘The Press’ becomes, I’m here in the midst.

Applying pressure brings forth what I’m after; purposed to get, I insist.

“The Press” is ordained and charged to ‘squeeze’ out the real substance—the inner core.

You’re ready now…before you weren’t; to endure such a task; its results I will adore.

The suffering that you will endure may seem impossible to bear.

Don’t worry; I am God—the Holy Father, both just and fair.

Placement here is not cruelty or punishment, and you will not die.

But out of you, I will get the glory; sacrificing the outer shell; more pressure to apply.

This book is a compilation of inspirational pieces inspired through visions, dreams, and worship. While each work has its unique style, shared central themes are interwoven:

God’s Sovereignty: reverence and honor for His supremacy—He is Lord above all!

God’s Salvation: acceptance and gratitude for His saving grace through Jesus Christ.

God’s Support: assurance that the Spirit of the Lord is an ever-present help, enabling us to be more than conquerors in all things.

--Geleeta Yvette Poe