The Price of a Sparrow: Reflections on Holy Scripture III

The Price of a Sparrow is the third of three books of reflections on the Holy Scripture, each a stand-alone book whose short chapters can be read randomly. There is no order; just let the Holy Spirit guide you to the chapter that you may need to read at that moment. Multiple references from the Book of Genesis through fourteen chapters of the Old Testament are followed by references to the gospels of the New Testament and sixteen chapters, concluding with the Book of Revelation.As in Thank the Holy Spirit and Blessed Are You Who Believe, the reader is invited to enter on an exciting journey into the Holy Scripture. As the reader, place your own lives into the reflections, and make each experience your own. Please be sure to read the referenced passages in the Holy Scripture, because the word of God inspired those texts. The author would be honored if you would then read the plain language reflections that he has put into the book. Understand, inspiration for these reflections came from the Holy Spirit through me, your writer, and are now given to you, the reader.Each of us is worth more than the price of a sparrow, yet not one of them falls to the ground without God’s knowledge. How much more does God love each one of us!

--Deacon Stephen A. Olenchock