The Priory Heritage Series: A Heaven Sent Wife

Lord Devon Langford knew that his family expected him to marry, since he was nearing thirty years of age, but he did not want his marriage arranged by someone else. His paternal grandmother and his own mother were constantly inviting possible brides to places he would be or even to family events in hopes that he would choose one of them.

His family also knew what a strong aversion he had to arranged marriages since Jane, his sister and childhood companion, was now trapped in an arranged marriage to a man twice her age. In his mother’s eyes, Jane had made an especially good marriage since her husband was a duke and very wealthy. Devon was angry when the marriage was arranged, and every time he saw Jane, his anger grew. His sister was miserable, and he could do nothing about it.

His maternal grandmother, Lady Mary Amberside, however had always been reasonable and was also against arranged marriage, and today he had come to her for help. She hadn’t been able to stop her daughter, Lady Amelia Langford, from conducting her family affairs in whatever manner she believed to be right, but she still voiced her anger whenever possible.

Since she had always had good advice, Devon wanted advice about seeking a wife. In this instance, however, Lady Mary was of no use to him. “The Lord will provide a wife for you, Devon, but in his own time.” This speech put his back up, and he galloped away from her home in a very dour mood.

On his way home, he met a young lady in a most unusual manner, and without his knowledge, his marriage to her was arranged. His story is very amusing, challenging, and filled with prophetic destiny. Finally as Lady Mary, his grandmother, said, “When God moves, things happen.”

--Adda Leah Davis