The Reality of Mercy

The Reality of Mercy gives you a glimpse into the life of a sinner. She took many wrong turns, made many wrong choices, and denied that Christ was in her life. Looking back into her past, by the grace of God, she could now see that she was being cared for her entire life even if she did not recognize it at the time. She was given an opportunity to find and grow her faith through a spiritual miracle which led to her salvation. This sinner shares with you the results of a self-examination based on the Ten Commandments. The reality of the examination will provide to you her story about where she had been, and that no matter where life takes you or you take yourself, you too can resurface a new person in Christ. The miracle given to this sinner led to a relationship with Christ, and now through that relationship, she has been given a heightened sense of hearing. She has incorporated the precious words of poetry she has heard during her prayer time with God with her own life experiences to help others find a relationship that they too may be looking for. She was always looking for the next thing to satisfy herself. What she finds out is that thing she was desperate to find was with her all along. Her Lord and Savior was waiting for her to call out to him, and he was waiting to save her. Her poetry once sat filed away in a dark cabinet, but with much encouragement from God, she has been able to share her quiet moments in prayer with you.

--Kimberly Olson