The Regions of Exordia

A race before man was created to bring lives into the worlds. Instead, they erringly created beings that flooded the worlds with terrors and deaths.

The race of Elysian hoped to end the decimated war between these formidable creations. Fortified realms were forged to bound them for their eternity in the Order of the Confinement. Locking away their biggest mistake.

Then, us, the human, was created. Undeniably, we are bound in our physical world. But our ignorance of this confinement has destined ourselves into unescapable annihilation.

Kacey, a scion of the Elysian was born amongst us. She was lured to traverse into the realms, disrupted the Order. The Elysian’s ancient defense system had been triggered, when the realignment happens everything will return to the beginning, return to nothing. Will this be the end of mankind? And who is able to stop it?

--Faye Summit