The Remnant of Felix Springs

In a town of only two hundred fifty people, can an anonymous lottery winner remain in anonymity? Everyone knows there are no secrets in small towns, but when the residents of Felix Springs begin searching for their town’s lucky Powerball winner, they discover a number of mysteries buried beneath the façade of country charm. Could the winner be Bryson Biggs, the grieving father and aging rancher; Doc Nabbity, the curious retired doctor; Justin Felix, the greedy financial planner; or Sally Jenkins, the down-on-her-luck store owner? Sorting out truth from lies, the residents grapple with the hardships of sustaining lifestyles in a difficult agricultural economy and a community that grows smaller every year. Even if the lottery winner is found, will the lottery money be enough to save this small town or will the townsfolk need to look elsewhere for salvation?

--Rhea Softley