The Rise Of A Cherub

Hector, a vile man possessed by legions of demons, trembled as he watched the gruesome demonic creature shudder while its body gyrated from the strain of syphoning the soft, delicate internal organs from its prey. The creature lifted its repugnant head and bellowed a ghastly roar as it sucked in one last drop of bloody carnage. Then it carelessly tossed the decimated carcass across the rancid swamp to land on the massive pile of broken bones, petrified skin, and excrement. Terrified but consumed with evil, Hector and his demons, slinked away from the swamp pond and began to devise a wicked plan for the small town of Ocean Breeze where he grew up.

Tia Menéndez is an ordinary high school student in Ocean Breeze who suddenly finds her life turned upside down when her friends are missing after a spring break party. At the same time, Tia discovers that she is a cherub—a specialized angel that God has created and blessed with extraordinary powers. With the help of two powerful angels, Azimi and Alcander, Tia is compelled to begin a search to find her friends before something horrible happens to them. As this journey begins, Tia meets two boys: Garrett, a well-balanced Christian on fire for God, and Blaine, who spends his life in a drug-induced stupor. With Garrett and Blaine tugging at Tia’s heart, the three unlikely teenagers fight a battle with Hector and his beast, demonic creatures, and angelic beings for domination of their souls.

--Tezi Beach