The Sabbath That Assassinated Atheism

Just how, and when, did all existence begin? According to the book of Genesis, the Moon and the rest of the universe were created three days after our Earth. So, that makes the universe about 5 billion Earth years old. We explain why we can’t use light rays from distant galaxies as a gauge.How did we get our Moon? Since the Moon wasn’t captured, nor was it debris that convalesced into a perfect sphere, what force or intelligence placed the hollow Moon in a uniquely circular orbit?

A man named Ronald Regehr wrote “As outrageous as the Moon-is-a-spaceship-theory (brought here by aliens) is, it is the only theory that is supported by all of the data, and there is no data that contradicts this theory”. Sadly, this is a perfect example of what stupid lengths mankind will go, to avoid admitting that our universe has a Creator. I suspect that a particular Sabbath, in the year AD 2022, will change that.

How old is God (Yehovah)? Since He goes back to infinity, what was He doing to occupy Himself before He decided to create our universe? What is the origin of sin and Satan? Why did Lucifer turn evil, and when? Lucifer could not have recruited angels in Heaven to side with him, right under Yehovah’s nose. So where did those rebel angels come from? Where are they now?

This book takes you on a journey, starting with infinity, and ending with eternity. Using the seven feasts given to the House of Jacob, we’ll explain the seven days (weeks) shown to Moses, how the feasts were first enacted, and how each feast will have been fulfilled by Yeshua.

By the time that the Day of Trumpets in AD 2022 occurs, the belief system of Atheism will have been assassinated.

--Herman Cummings