The Shepherd

David, the younger brother of Terry, has grown up and has committed his life to Christ. But he soon finds that his commitment requires him to pursue his former friend, Tanvir Khan, who seems to be intent on destroying all that is good in the world and to replace it with evil. Always one step ahead of David, Tanvir forces his adversary to follow him on a lengthy voyage across the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, and onto the mountain peaks of the Andes. Yet in spite of several attempts to evade David, Tanvir finds it impossible to elude his nemesis, and the two ultimately confront each other in the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu and Sacsayhuaman. During his travels, David slowly discovers the true nature of his being, and the ultimate gift with which he has been given touches the lives of those he meets and changes their lives forever.

--Timothy Paul Neller