The Shepherd Theory: Manage like a Shepherd

The Shepherd Theory is a five-thousand-year-old principle that is biblically based, but it works for any business. The shepherd theory is based on the principles of building a solid company with employees that are willing to work toward the common goal of strengthening and growing the company. This principle is a strategy that will create loyal employees, customer, clients, and vendors that will want to do business with you. In today’s aggressive world, companies need to evolve and change as new technology shapes the world.Here are some simple but very true facts: if you don’t take care of your clients, there are other companies that will. If you don’t take care of your employees, they will leave, seeking new employment. If you don’t treat your suppliers with dignity and meet the payment-time requirements, you will not get serviced very well, if at all. This book gives you the tools to strengthen your work environment, build a quality system, and teach you how to work with different personalities, building solid policies and principles that will grow the business and maintain great and loyal employees. This book, The Shepherd Theory, should be used as a workbook. It has the tools to you need to secure your company into the future! Read it if you dare!I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.—John 10:14

--Mark E. Peters