The Ten Commandments vs Baal Worship

Working in the hospital and prison ministry, I had the opportunity to meet the country's most feared criminal. He was a cult leader with forty churches all around the country. A group of us would go to the prison every Wednesday and were allowed to have church for one hour.

God used me to witness to this black, Jewish person who did not believe in Jesus but knew the Old Testament very well. He proclaimed to be their King. With the help of God and my faithful pastor who provided me with scriptures and a book entitles "Concerning Spiritual Gifts" I was able to lead him to the Lord.

When he went to the hospital time after time, I was there to visit and pray for him. He experienced God's healing many times even when he was dying from a stroke, enlarged heart, diabetes, and hypertension. He had a miracle and baffled the doctors and nurses.

Instead of serving 20 years, he was released after 6 years. There were other prisoners whom god has used me to pray for and they were released too. They all went to church with me. He was baptized 6 months later by the Bishop of the country.

We discussed the Ten Commandments and he told me that there is no one who can keep them all. Being a spirit filled Christian on fire for the Lord, I told him, "With the help of the Holy Spirit we can keep them all."

This is what inspired me to study and write this book.

I come from a Muslim background, my husband from a Hindu background. I see the idols these religions worship which were made by man's hand. God made man in His image but these people made and continue to make their gods, which THEY turn back and worship (Read Isaiah 44).

I tried for fifteen years to finish this book to expose the devil but I never did. I think this is the allotted time.

Glory to God!

--Vilma Ramdhar

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