The Tour Guide: The Adventure Begins



Miracles, near-drowning, thrill-seeking, danger,

unfathomable beauty, intrigue, evil, temptation,

the Divine, seduction, sabotage, breath-taking

venues, heart-breaking betrayal, and even a nuclear

threat—sounds like your typical fictional action

film, except this story is true.

Follow the incredible heart-stopping, full-spectrum

survival autobiography of David Stark, an adventure

tour guide, who daily zip-lined through a remote

jungle on a distant island and experienced the ultimate “coming to the end of

his proverbial rope.”

Hold on while you ride along his roller coaster of odd and sometimes

downright eerie and seemingly unbelievable twists and turns of his life


Laugh, cry, and shake your head in disbelief as he boldly shares his miraculous

to the often-gruesome path of misadventures as he ultimately comes to an

unexpected eternal truth and the faith he so desperately sought.

The Tour Guide: The Adventure Begins

Authored by David Alexander Stark

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--David Alexander Stark