The Ultimate Contest The Haven Villa Series, 1

Zendenhaus and Puller sponsors a writing contest unparalleled in the fascinating world of publishing. Fabulous prizes await all who respond. The grand prize entails the drawing of twelve names for the collaboration on a novel during the summer at Haven Villa.Despite the glamour of such an event, each contestant has dreams of her own to accomplish.The Prestigious Hotel in New York City plays host to all who enter the most highly publicized gala event of the twenty-first century. One week later, the grand prize winners excitedly accompany the heiress, along with her assistant, to the mansion.It doesn’t take long before problems begin to surface, causing the twelve to rethink their ability in writing the novel. Encouraging the aspiring writers, the heiress is ever self-assured as is her assistant. The women shall attain success in their endeavor.Developing a comradery, the twelve become bound and determined to forge ahead in accomplishing what they set out to do. Through tears, joy, and resoluteness of heart, each strives to fulfill her dreams.In book one of The Haven Villa series, The Ultimate Contest entails mystery, suspense, and drama for all who enter its doors. Will the success each desires attain fulfillment, or fall short of the expectation of the publishing giant?

--Adele Marie Bond