The Ultimate Salvation

Ultimate Salvation in the context of this writing speaks of the final and complete redemptive experience in the Christian faith and what it takes to participate in it. It is the zenith of victory in the Christian race. Christianity as a religion of redemption from sin and its consequences and a reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ. It privileges believers in Christ to temporarily and partially enjoy the salvation received by faith in this world through diverse experiences in preparation for the eternal expectations. Christ, in one of his last instructions recorded in the Gospel of John 14:1–4, told His followers He is going to prepare a place in heaven for them and others who will join them. He said He will come back to take with Him to heaven everyone that believes in Him. And that is the peak of the hope of the people of God in Jesus Christ. Christian salvation is both immediate and progressive, and it is only at the rapture of the saints, living and dead, shall the ultimate be consummated. That being the case, Christians need to understand that we are in the evil last days (Ephesians 5:15–16), when those hoping for the ultimate salvation need to purify themselves (1 John 3:3) to maintain the Lord’s standard of holiness, bearing in mind that the finishing line of the heavenly race is nearer now than before (Romans 13:11).

--Igbani I. Agwu