The Underworld: SHEOL- HADES (The Invisible World): Dwelling of the Souls of Dead


What happens to our soul the second after our death?

Already some books were written with that theme, but none have given a satisfactory answer to this intriguing question!

Some books are based on personal experiences, others on superficial studies, not giving the reader a final answer or the sense of having learned the solution to such a question!

This book was written based on the texts of the biblical scriptures, where we study the original meaning of the Hebrew word “Sheol,” and the Greek word “Hades,” which were mostly erroneously translated to “hell” or “grave” but actually meaning “dwelling of the souls of the dead”!

And in unraveling those meanings and comparing them with the context in which it was originally written and inspired by God, one arrives at the conclusion and solution to several unanswered questions in the Bible and fundamental to the understanding of the Christian doctrine and of its relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The reader will discover a part never studied in the scriptures but unveiled because God made us known!

It’s worthy of read and learn!

Follow me in this discovery of “the underworld”!

--Wagner Bariani Santiago