The Whispering Widow's Wedding

Quinn Kelley and Eli Bloom are now married! Their wedding went off without a hitch. However, an expected complication puts a damper on their wedding reception. When Quinn heads back to the dressing area to change out of her wedding dress, she finds her mailman’s dead body.Devon McHugh was Quinn and Eli’s new mailman, but why was he even at their wedding? Neither Quinn nor Eli had invited him, yet there he lay, stabbed to death in a pile of flower clippings with a large pair of scissors sticking out of his chest, and unfortunately, everyone knew the scissors belonged to Quinn’s new mother-in-law, Esther Bloom.Esther owns the local flower shop in town, and she and her assistant, Tonya Romayor, were making last-minute adjustments to the flower arrangements just prior to the wedding. Who could have guessed that just a few hours later, a dead man would be found in the remnants of the flowers with Esther’s scissors buried in his chest?Quinn doesn’t want to get wrapped up in another murder investigation but quickly realizes she cannot sit still and let her brother, Sheriff Drew Darby, do all the investigating on his own—especially when it looks like Quinn’s new in-laws are the only suspects.As Quinn digs into McHugh’s life, she has many questions to answer. Who was Devon McHugh? Why would someone want to kill him? What was he really doing in Sutter?With the help of Quinn’s friends, Bess Cartwright and Shayne Chapin, Quinn begins to figure out the mysterious Devon McHugh, one shocking puzzle piece at a time. The more she digs up about McHugh, the more she realizes what all the new mailman had to hide.Unfortunately, though, the closer she gets to who the killer might be, the more her life is in danger. Now, all she has to do is put all the pieces of the puzzle together before the killer manages to make Quinn the next victim!

--April Drake