The Winding Road to a Straight Path

This book is a depiction of the struggle that I had growing up in a household based on religious beliefs versus spirituality. It caused me to want to find out what I thought I was missing in the world. It brings to mind the story of the prodigal son leaving his father’s home in search of what he thought he was missing in the world. What he found out was that the grass only looked greener on the other side. I was church hurt, so I was looking for something to fulfill that void. Sometimes people confuse “church hurt” with being “God hurt”! My love for God never changed, only my love for how people had chosen to interpret God’s Word. Our job is to tell people about the love of God and not to be judgmental of others. I believe that if we show others the love of God, he will do the convicting if it’s necessary. I’m telling my story to let others know how far left we can push people by following the patterns of religion versus being spiritual and allowing God to do his work in others the same way he did for you. I sincerely hope that this book will help someone who was/is struggling with the same things that I struggled with. May God bless you and I keep you in my prayer. I pray you enjoy!

--Samuel A. Turner Sr.