The Winding Road to the Hope of Glory

In this book, Esmeralda shares that stepping out on the water very often means leaving your comfort zone.

Our faith journey kept us marching toward Jesus at every turn, not knowing what was around the corner for us.

Through all the trials and disappointments, we have learned that as we hold on to the hand of Jesus, He will perform miracle after miracle as we walk in faith and fully trust Him for the outcome.

In Matthew 14:2833 when Jesus beckoned Peter to come to him, he immediately got out of the boat (in faith) and walked on water. When he took his eyes off Jesus and began to look at the natural (instead of the supernatural), it was then that Peter began to sink. As he cried out to Jesus, he received the hand that came to his rescue.

I have come to realize that the Lord will sometimes call us to do those things that are against our human nature so we can learn to trust him. As we develop a love relationship with him, we will become bond-slaves of our Savior.

I trust our experiences and encounters with God will bless all who read the words of this book.

--Esmeralda J. Dennis