The Works of Time

We all desire longevity and irreplaceability. It lives in each of us, coursing through our DNA. And every part of our identity may fade away, yet I refuse to let our memories of the works of God die, for the glimpses of God’s grace to be stifled in our lifetime. So I write them down—the same stories and wisdom we have come to know through the ages told from a different glance, an instant in history where we have fallen, given up, or reigned victorious. The times that force us to look back and remember so that we may look up, look forward, and finish the race strong, with our hands raised high to the Only True God above. It is not much, but it is my fleeting attempt to prolong the life of God’s work through time, to make them last just a moment longer. For this, I hope that these messages, verses, and writings reach you beyond my last breath.

--Evelyn Moskalets