They Changed Me: The Transforming Power of Unconditional Love

If you believe, you will receive whatever you asked for in prayer.

-Matthew 21:22

Broken and desperate, she finally turned to God, because she needed a way to vent her frustrations and disappointments rather than directing them at her husband or her children.

Moreover, she needed a Godly way to express her feelings, hurts, and anger. Just as well, she longed to hear God’s voice again, because she had simply stopped listening to Him.

This novel is a first-hand account of a love that simply would not let go or give up, despite how much it was spurned. It’s a heartwarming and truly breathtaking depiction of love illustrated through the eyes and heart of Sherita, whose life was destined to be transformed by both human and divine means. Little did Sherita know that the world she had grown dissatisfied with was getting ready to be shaken immensely and turned upside down so that she could begin to experience the love of her husband and the beautiful offspring, which their marriage produced.

--Sherita Thompson