They Sang At Her Funeral

I jerked at her with all my might. Her lips were blue, and her eyes stared out at nothing and everything. Sweat had poured from this pitiable woman during her struggle and made it hard for me to move her. She slipped from my grasp. I pushed my whole body with all my might against hers to turn her onto her back.

Her sweat was now mingling with my own, I started CPR…My blood dripped on her robe. Feet came clambering in. People pushed me aside. One of the drama team, Daniel Kline, an RN, gave commands I barely remember hearing. Someone pulled out a cell phone and called 911. I could hear them speaking to the operator, “Yes…hurry. I think she’s dead…Yes…I don’t know…a few minutes ago I guess. Yeah…Sage came in here about 9:15…No…it’s Happy, not Sage…Just get here…please.”


Someone has killed a member of the Windover Assembly choir. While no one really cared for the snarky soprano, many more skeletons will fall out of many other closets before we finally learn who killed Mrs. Happy Bellins.

The only witness, Sage Helen Fairfax, is twenty-six, wealthy, unfocused, a bit out of touch, and very human. She finds herself labeled the main suspect and will determine to prove her innocence by probing where she doesn’t belong to find the real murderer.

To protect her granddaughter from herself, Delana Weldon, who was in a self-imposed retirement from her life as a well-respected PI, is back on the job to help Sage and the police find the person responsible. Our unlikely crew must uncover the truth before anyone else gets hurt.

Full of hilarious moments, Christian realities, sad tales, and truly human interactions, this church will weather storms they never saw coming, ultimately pulling together with a love they learned to have for each other.

--Annalise Harold