Things Are Not as They Appear: One Man's Journey into the Realm of Supernatural Physical Healing & Wholeness

In this book, Robert Jones will share stories of heartache but far more stories of supernatural healings and events. These are his stories of the last twelve years of traveling over 250,000 miles and having the privilege of visiting ten extraordinary countries. It’s time for us to respond like sons and daughters to a God that really does exist, who loves us and wants to communicate with us. It is time to let Him heal us, both inside and out. It’s what He does best, even when we go astray, which Robert has done in the past. Please sit back and enjoy this book and see if you can find yourself in the pages. Let your journey be fun and adventurous. Let your heart explore the mysteries of this amazing God. Remember; “things are not as they appear,” as we see them.

--Robert Jones

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