Third Heaven Extravaganza: Living Under an Open Heaven

Every aspect of my life, I relate to the Bible and all the treasures it has to offer, and I am forever thankful for all of God’s many gifts, looking forward to my ultimate inheritance in heaven where the spirits of the saints are living in the kingdom of heaven. In the final end, when all of God’s elect are resurrected and gathered together, spirit and new body, to live eternally in the new heavens and new earth, and Christ has turned over His kingdom to His Father, the Kingdom of God, it will truly be heaven!Until that day, I will continue to live heavenly minded, with the mind of Christ, as I advance the kingdom pursuing God as I rest in His peace and follow His calling on my life.Always remember He created us for his pleasure, and He will lead you to His plan for your life as you love and adore Him through His Word.

--Monica Shannon