Through It All: Trusting God through Trials and Tribulations

The book aims to inspire the reader to trust completely in God and His promises and to never give up no matter the circumstances one is going through. Through personal testimony, the author is honoring God for His faithfulness through the many trials and tribulations that he has been and continues to go through. The book is therapeutic and has an internal purpose, as it helps the reader (and certainly the author) to heal from past wounds (by mourning previous loss, communicating frustrations, and expressing feelings). It also helps to maintain hope that one can go through trials and tribulations by focusing on the positive things of life and growing in faith, moving on and believing in God’s promises no matter the circumstances one is in. The book notes that people who suffer immensely are chosen people who God wants to use and that the severity of the suffering to the individual can be equated to the extent to which God wants to use that individual. The writer, reflecting on his life, makes it clear that pain and suffering are guaranteed but that one can go through it all if one puts his/her trust completely in the Lord.The book is intended for every reader, and it is envisaged that it will especially appeal to many who are going through pain and suffering of whatever kind and severity and are looking for solutions in a godly way. Because the book is written in a very personal way, it is likely to touch the hearts of many.

--Donald Hlahla