Tides of Love

I never thought of myself as a writer or ever a poet. I would read many articles about people and their sailing adventures and thought that I could do this also.

I first starting writing to any extent when I was the commodore of a boating club, Texas Mariners Cruising Association. I wrote a letter each month telling the members of the adventures of the past cruises for the month and upcoming cruises and activities. I tried to give the letter a little zing that would at least make for humorous reading, even if they really were not interested in the content of the letter. The intent of the letter was not only to give information, but also to inspire people to get out on their boats and go sailing with us on the cruises.

This book has a few stories along with the poems that I hope you enjoy and will give you an insight into Nancy’s and my life together. I hope you will enjoy this little book of words as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you.

--Tom Campbell