Tiny Tidbits for Tots

Author Deb Valainis has always felt the need to write even from an early age. When asked to write the children’s messages for her church to present during their Sunday morning worship services, Deb was honored. As she sat to write each week’s message, she felt each one to be God-inspired with each one being tied to Bible scriptures. She was pleasantly surprised to see that the messages seemed to have such a positive impact on children and adults alike.An animated storyteller, Deb made each story come alive, often using props and hands-on interaction with the children. Oftentimes, individuals would ask her where she acquired her stories and how people might get copies of them. She was encouraged to put them into a book format for others to share and enjoy. So having accumulated quite a large number of these messages or short stories, Deb was finally convinced to combine a few of them into this first book in the hopes that they might serve to inspire others. Whether used as a story time aid or as part of a family devotional, her hope and prayer is that they will encourage others to read their Bibles each day, as they seek a closer relationship with God and strive to follow His teachings.

--Deb Valainis