Today I Saw a Butterfly

Three quotes from readersI have known J. Brian for thirty years. “Today, I Saw a Butterfly” is written from his heart. If you are looking for spiritual inspiration, there is no better manuscript. J. Brian is always encouraging others to listen for God’s voice in their lives and to see Jesus in one another. This book gives real life circumstances for the reader to do just that. After reading this, you will look for Jesus in others and listen for God’s voice in your life.—Greg HartenI have traveled with J. Brian to many Jesus Rocks Ministry functions. His love for Jesus is real and it is contagious. He is in constant search of God’s plan in his life. “Today, I Saw a Butterfly” will encourage every reader to be in search of the same. It tells us to look for Jesus in one another. It is proof that God can talk to us through others. This is a true prayer book. It is a writing you will read and refer to more than once. The references to Scripture are a huge help in simply navigating through life.—Michael CurryFrom my earliest memories, I can hear my dad encouraging me and Alexa to listen for God’s voice in our lives. This book will encourage every reader to do the same. In reading this book, it is obvious how great our world would be if we see Jesus in one another. What if all of us allowed Jesus to shine bright in our lives? We could change the world! This book will inspire you in many ways. It will inspire you to deepen your relationship with your Savior.—Abby Bergeron

--J. Brian Bergeron