Tommy's Big Day: The Easter Story Journeys Through the Bible with Lois and The Bryants

Five-year-old Tommy Bryant had a big day today. In Sunday school, he learned that Jesus would clean his heart from all the naughty things he had done. All he had to do was ask him to, so he did! He feels so much better now but he still has lots of questions. His big sister, Janice, helps him some and he knows that mommy and daddy will too. But what he didn’t know is that God had something special in mind to help both him and Janice understand the Bible better. He was going to send Timothy’s grandmother, Lois, all the way from Bible times to bring Tommy, Janice, and Tommy’s beloved stuffed rabbits, Molly and Randall, on the adventures of a lifetime. They will be going back in time to see events of the Bible in person as they happened!

Come along and travel back to the Bible days and learn about the Easter story along with the Bryant children. Then after the story, read on to learn how you too can ask Jesus into your heart to clean it up!

Included at the end of the book are some story related games and puzzles for you to enjoy.

--Susan M. Long