Tomorrow Is Not Promised

Tomorrow Is Not Promised is a book filled with eye-opening revelations.

A collection of inspirational poems and letters to encourage the discouraged, give hope to the hopeless, and to remind people everywhere that God still loves us in spite of our sins.

This book is a reflection of its title by empowering us to know, each day is a gift from God. It shows us how to love, live, trust, and depend on God. Each poem and letter has its own unique message. It is written for this day and time to offer real-life solutions.

Tomorrow Is Not Promised is also filled with love, hurt, pain, healing, and so much more. It reveals the power and effects of God’s Word and His promises by informing us to the fact that; we need God’s Word and we can trust Him to be true to His Word. This book tells us that Jesus is still the answer for the world today and the many problems we are facing. Tomorrow Is Not Promised lets us know God wants to show us all a better way of living by having faith in Him.

This book shows us how to have faith and not fear. It shares with us that God has always loved man and He has always had a plan for all of mankind. We will find that God’s ways are not always our ways, but it’s always the best way.

This book lets us know God invested a lot of time and patience in man and we should appreciate the investment.

Tomorrow Is Not Promised lets us know, life isn’t over until God says it’s over, and while we have life, we have hope in Christ. We must use the time we have to get our lives together by getting right with God.

Buy this book to help you on your journey of life and buy two or more to help a loved one or close friend find his/her way as well.

--Debra Owens