Trivia and Riddles in American History

The American History Riddle BookMichael J. KoernerSo you think you know your American history? Michael Koerner has devised over one hundred fiendishly clever riddles about American history, culture, and people—with a few literary types and fictional characters thrown in just for fun. These riddles are challenging—after all, they’re riddles and not meant to be solved in an instant. You might get a few right off, but we promise that many of these will leave you scratching your head.You might have to go to the internet, encyclopedia, or your old high school history textbook for clues to the answer, or you can just look at the answer key in the back of this book, which not only identifies the person, place, or event but includes background information for each.Here’s your chance to show just how smart you are. Challenge your students, your kids, your friends, or yourself with this delightful and very thought-provoking book!

--Michael Koerner