Tummy Troubles

Take a journey with a preteen boy who is living with a digestive disorder he refers to as a tummy that acts funny. Listen to his advice on what he does to control his symptoms and live his life despite the difficulty of living with tummy troubles. His mom and dad have tummy trouble of their own, and this boy shares their advice as well. Digestive disorders are plaguing a significant portion of the population around the world, and because people are too embarrassed or simply unwilling to talk about them, the problem is growing worse in a society that largely refuses to acknowledge how serious this problem is becoming. This can be especially difficult for a child with such a condition who has to deal with this confusing situation that no one wants to talk about. As if growing pains alone are not bad enough. This book is intended to create a more open awareness of this growing problem and to offer hope and insight for the children who are wondering why they can’t eat the same foods as their friends, why their tummies act funny whenever they become nervous, what is causing them to go the bathroom so often, and what in the world are they to do about it. The time has come for us to lift the veil of guilt and shame over this growing problem and start talking about solutions. This book may not have all the answers, but it gives us a place to start, and from there, healing and hope are possible.

--Frank R. Smith