Unlock the Doors and Let Prayer In

As a young child, I remember when our churches had one night a week to have prayer meetings.

Sadly, today our churches have decided that family nights with activities are more important than having prayer meetings.

Today our churches have become program-driven—more programs, the bigger the church.

A few years ago, I came across this story, and just recently I felt God telling me to bring prayer back to his house.

Here is that story.

Several years ago, a pastor was asking God to return prayer to our schools.

After several months of praying, he asked God why he would not answer his prayer of returning prayer to the schools.

God answered him this way, “Why don’t you pray for prayer to return to my churches?”

Today churches can have the best programs and great outreaches, but it will lack being an impact in their communities until they understand and realize prayer must be brought back to our churches and used the way God has given us to use it.

This book was written to not only bring back our churches to the forefront but also to teach why prayer must be one of the pillars our churches need to have.

It is to show how to build a prayer ministry and a better understanding of the power of prayer.

Our churches must once again become a house of prayer to win the lost and be that light on the hill.

We must get our church back on her knees and let prayer in.

This book will teach you the art of praying and why we need to pray. It is my conviction for you to change your prayer life or to start a prayer life.

This book holds back no punches and is blunt and straightforward.

--Rev. Todd A. Brooks