Unwavering Faith: A True Story

God is alive and lives in us and through us. This is a true story based on a man and his wife’s journey throughout their Christian life. Living with contentment and joy know matter the trials, struggles, and heartbreak of their circumstances.Through believing, trusting, obeying, and following God. God is their strength, making them even stronger in their unwavering faith. Christians must learn to experience and live daily in the power of the Holy Spirit is God’s assurance that our salvation is secure—it is promised to us for all eternity.Mary Cameon has three well-established grown children, with six wonderful and bright grandchildren. She worked several years as a kitchen cabinet decorator designer, with skillset as computer entry operator. She moved on to being a finance manager at a large car dealership. Left the dealership and went onto becoming a commission sales representative for a local radio station. Also, in later years, she maintained a position as retail furniture sales and kitchen appliance salesperson in recognition of being one of the district’s top 3 performers.She went on to finding true compassion in caregiving to neighbors and friends, unaware of the preparation God was preparing her for in her days to come. There are so many people in this world today that has not known the touch of the power of our Great Almighty God. Their minds are not open to see or feel the awesomeness of who gives us the choice to receive His greatness. So therefore working to complete her manuscript for this book; was a sense of urgency to get her message across worldwide. Just one small part she could give back with God’s blessing. It was God’s hand at work again in her life.Ultimately she felt that if reading of her story could bring even one person closer to God, or to receive the Lord into their heart. It would be worth the writing and following God’s will, that He called her to write and get published, for many to witness and enjoy. God is love and life eternal.

--Mary Cameon