U.S.A Fraudulent Education Exposed

The book you have in your hand is for the purpose of exposing the U.S.A. Fraudulent Education in our U.S.A. schools, colleges and country. It is also to expose the communist goals of taking over the U.S.A.J. Edgar Hoover was a president, but more known for his being the first and long termed director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). J. Edgar Hoover wrote a book entitled, “Masters of Deceit.” The following are excerpts from his book. “Every citizen has a duty to learn more about the menace that threatens his future, his home, his children, the peace of the world - and that is why I have written this book.” p.v“Communism is more than economics, political, social, or philosophical doctrine. It is a way of life, a false, materialistic ‘religion.’ It would strip man of his belief in God, his heritage of freedom, his trust in love, justice and mercy. Under communism, all would become, as so many twentieth century slaves.” p vi“Under communism, a tiny minority of ten to twenty men, would rule the United States - an open dictatorship - would be established. All property used in production would be confiscated, thus leading ultimately to total communization, meaning state ownership. This confiscation would include your home, business, bank deposits, and related personal possessions. You have no ‘right’ to own them under the communist scheme.” p. 6Unless we the citizens of the U.S.A. act as we should be doing, we are facing a very real threat of having a socialistic, communist controlled government to leave our children and grandchildren. Without naming it, one of our political parties has made what you just read and what you will read in the U.S.A. Fraudulent Education Exposed, as their agenda. PLEASE READ “U.S.A. FRAUDULENT EDUCATION EXPOSED" BEFORE YOU VOTE

--Stan Robbins