Valleys and Victories

The reason why I wrote this book is to assist women of all culture and races with some form of knowledge of how to cope in the valleys of life. I hope women will learn from my mistakes and do it better. I am not a saint or self-righteous. My hope is that they will get to know Christ in an intimate way, because if women have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, their lives will become better. They will have a better survival rate than someone who is on their own and has no one.The bad things that people do to you, God turns it around in your favor. God has a purpose for all our lives. He is always working behind the scenes. When people come against you, God allowed it because it is all in his plan to work the kinks out of you and to take the bad parts of you to make you better. Life sometimes is not fair, but it is serving his plan to create you to be better, stronger, wiser, self-assured, and direct you into his purpose for your life.God intended it for good when he use the Judas of your life.It was hurtful to me when people ostracized me, lied on me, betrayed me, etc. It made me stronger, wiser, nonjudgmental, humbled me and gave me empathy for others. Everything serves a purpose in your life. Stay strong, keep the faith, trust God, stay prayerful, decree and declare great things for your life. Believe and see those great things, for your life is happening even if it is not physically in existence (Hebrews 11:1).Never give up, for if you keep on moving and doing the right things, you will someday succeed and be victorious over your obstacles in your life.God is giving you strength by allowing adversities to come into your life. Your adversities come, not to destroy you, but to push you further into God’s great plan for your life. This is my life lesson learned, and Christ was guiding me the whole time.“Yea I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I will fear no evil: For thou are with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me” (Psalm 23:4).

--Lorraine Williams-Lewis